A Business Case for Inclusion

Diversity is critical to business…

  • Increase Revenue
  • Greater Innovation
  • Improved Productivity
  • Strategic Advantage

Fuel your high-performing organization with immigrant professional talent

Organizations with ethnically diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to lead their industries in terms of profitability.

Inclusive workplaces are a competitive advantage:

  • Newcomer professionals bring international business knowledge and diversity of thought, leading to innovation that makes businesses globally competitive.

Do you serve a multi-language client base?

76.4% of immigrants know more than one language, which can provide your organization with access to new clients and markets.

Looking for a competitive advantage through internationally educated professionals?

38% of immigrants have a Canadian-equivalent bachelor’s degree which means knowledgeable employees delivering efficient results.

Connect to more markets and clients; have your employees reflect the diversity of the customers they serve.


The above content was adapted from TRIEC.

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