Ten Promising Practices to Hire and Integrate Global Talent

Demonstrate Leadership

1- Make diversity a strategic business priority. Embed the organization’s commitment to diversity in the Corporate Plan and as part of the Talent Management Strategy.

2- Champions Matter – engage Senior Executives and Middle level managers to lead and promote Diversity and Inclusion activities throughout the organization

Overcome bias, enhance workplace cultural competencies

3- Raise awareness of Unconscious Bias in the workplace and how it can impact hiring, promotions, career development, employee engagement and productivity.

4- Provide Cross-Cultural Competency Training to enhance effective communication and interaction of people across cultures: be it colleagues, customer, clients, or suppliers. Cross-cultural competency is key to managing diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Connect with Immigrant Job Seekers

5- Develop strategies to reach qualifies and diverse candidates who might otherwise be overlooked by traditional recruitment methods. Post job opening with immigrant serving agencies, advertise through multicultural community newspapers, and participate in community job fairs.

6- Meet immigrant clients through local mentoring, internship, coaching and networking program and events.

Assessing and Interviewing candidates

7- Recognize international qualifications and work experience at face-value, and use competency0based testing to assess applicants’ abilities for the job.

8- Use diverse panels for interviewing to minimize unconscious biases and cultural misunderstandings during interviews.

On-board for Success

9- Enhance new employee transition with a buddy system as they go through a structured orientation program, to ensure successful integration into the workplace culture. A buddy can show them around and answer questions that immigrant hires might be embarrassed to ask their immediate supervisor.

Provide Training supports

10- Provide opportunities for all employees, including skilled immigrants, to upgrade skills that enhance their opportunities for growth within them. For example, offer flexible work hours to allow staff the opportunity for professional development.

The above content was adapted from IEC-BC.

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