Rural Manitoba Workforce Development Summit

The Rural Manitoba Workforce Development Summit brought together representation from all regions to better understand the labour challenges employers and communities are experiencing.

The Rural Manitoba Workforce Development Summit was held on June 19, 2023, at the Keystone Centre, Brandon, Manitoba. The summit aimed to better understand how to connect immigrant talent with rural labour market needs and build stronger communities across Manitoba. 

Broad representation included Honourable Jon Reyes, Minister of Labour and Immigration, business leaders, industry representatives, policymakers, employers, and representatives from the settlement sector. 

With broad stakeholder engagement, this event fostered valuable local perspectives on the challenges and opportunities to support Rural Employers attract, hire, and retain immigrant talent. 

In total, the summit had 130 attendees who had the opportunity in a rural setting to share with each other, learn from local industry panelists, and hear from keynote speaker Patrick Mackenzie, CEO of the Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia (IECBC), and member of the National Immigrant Employment Council Network.


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