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The Rural Manitoba Immigrant Employment Council (RMIEC) is guided through the strategic direction of an Advisory Committee and hosted by a not-for-profit organization.We work with employers to help them attract, hire, and retain qualified immigrant talent to address the shortage of skilled workers in Rural Manitoba. We work closely with employers, labour, business and industry associations, community organizations, government and other stakeholders to develop long-term labour market strategies so Rural MB companies can effectively compete in both the local and global markets. In addition, we provide practical tools, resources and programs to help employers connect with qualified immigrant talent and build inclusive workplaces.

With Canada’s aging population, immigration is critical to support labour market shortages and stabilize the tax base that supports critical infrastructure funded through federal, provincial, and municipal government. As approximately 30% of Canada’s GDP comes from rural communities, immigration is key to supporting rural economic development by addressing labour market shortages and population growth.

There are numerous community-based immigrant service agencies throughout MB doing outstanding work to provide educational, settlement and social services for immigrants newcomers. RMIEC, in contrast, works with employers and the business community to help companies attract and retain skilled immigrants to meet the province’s workforce needs. We work to promote immigrant-inclusive HR policies within the business community, develop and provide valuable resources to employers so they can connect with and recruit immigrant talent, and work with government and communities to develop and adopt progressive policies and programs to encourage the integration of qualified skilled immigrants into the  labour market. All of these initiatives are designed to address Rural MB chronic skills shortage and make the province more competitive.

We provide a broad range of free programs and services to assist employers with tools, resources, and best practices to attract, hire, and retain immigrant talent. For a list of upcoming opportunities review our events section or contact us.

Our focus is on helping employers and communities in Rural Manitoba through a coordinated and collaborative approach that supports long-term success for all stakeholders. This includes working with industry associations, municipal and provincial government, immigrant serving organizations, employment agencies, and employers of all sizes. We are also able to access national best practices and exclusive resources through our national network of Immigrant Employment Councils

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