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How we help?

The Rural Manitoba Immigrant Employment Council (RMIEC) is guided through the strategic direction of an Advisory Committee and hosted by a not-for-profit organization.

The RMIEC provides Rural MB employers with solutions, tools, and resources they need to attract, hire, and retain qualified immigrant talent. We believe that the successful integration of skilled newcomers into the Rural MB labour force is critical to both their success and the province’s long-term economic performance.We work with employers, government, and other partner stakeholders to ensure that Rural MB employers can effectively integrate global talent.

Helping employers in Rural Manitoba connect with Immigrant talent.




Did you know?
International immigration continues to be an important contributor to growing Manitoba’s population and workforce. An estimated 36,000 additional workers will be available over the next five years due to immigration to Manitoba. (MB Labour Market Outlook)
The Conference Board of Canada Reported in 2010:
51.8% of employers who hired Internationally Educated Professionals reported improved innovation, and 43.3% reported improved productivity.
Did you know?
With Canadian-born individuals aging out of the workforce, the country has already become completely dependent on immigrants for job growth. (Statistics Canada)
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